Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3

Cobra Breath practice is the way of transformation and spiritual evolution. These Courses provide a loving space for you to dive deeply, with Witness, into self-discovery. This is the next step on your Cosmic Cobra path: We start where we left off from each Cobra Course, Levels 1, 2 and 3 with an opportunity to rekindle and deepen your experience. Cobra Breath is a warrior’s path. As we awaken Kundalini, repressed energies move and begin a clearing process of toxic emotional debris and attachment to our ego identity. The retreat will allow much more time to stay with your emotions, energy blocks and processes. We will support your clearing processes as you come to see how you have been stuck, giving you an understanding of your unique unfolding through the Ipsalu practice. You can open at your own pace. The emphasis is on your healing and transformation, Much of the break times will be in silence to support your inward journey.

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Sexual Wholeness~ Openings to Bliss

Examine and heal survival and sexual issues of the first and second chakra. Practice holding sacred space… Your centered awareness is the gift of healing for yourself and others. Release sexual trauma and blocks in the pelvic floor, and experience the full pleasure of your body.

Prerequisite: Ipsalu Level 2 or equivalent experience, assessed through a personal conversation with the Course facilitators.

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Teacher Training – Bliss in Service

Expand your Ipsalu practice into all aspects of your living. Explore this series of modules designed to prepare you to share Ipsalu Tantra™ with confidence and integrity.

* Module 1 (Certified Apprentice Teacher) prepares you to: facilitate techniques in Level 1 courses, create and present Ipsalu evening classes, lead community Satsang, review Cobra Breath with an initiate, mentor Ipsalu Practicum lessons 1-3, and lead Ipsalu Energy Yoga

*Module 2 (Certified Assistant Teacher) prepares you to: facilitate processes in Level 1 courses, present Ipsalu day-long or weekend courses, conduct emotional-release processes, and teach Cobra Breath within the Practicum

*Module 3 (Ipsalu Teacher) certifies you to prepare and certify new Level 1 Teachers

Prerequisite: Completion of Ipsalu Level 1 and Level 2 Cobra Breath Courses are required prior to Module 1 Teacher Training (or completion of Level 2 Course within one year of Module 1 Teacher Training). Module 1 Teacher Training is required prior to Module 2 Teacher Training. Teacher Training is a week-long intensive.

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Ipsalu Tantra Festival

Ipsalu Osho Festival Spring 2019

Festivals are an opportunity for Ipsalu graduates (Level 1 Cobra Breath and above) to come together with kindred spirits to celebrate and co-create a magical weekend. This new festival structure will be held at a retreat center in Northern Georgia near the Appalachian Mountain trail.

We have many exciting activities on the schedule that you don’t want to miss!

Here is a glimpse of what we have planned:

Informational Flyer

May 23-26, 2019
Heartwood Retreat Center, Blue Ridge, Georgia
Facilitator: Nayano Burdine & Ipsalu Teacher Team
To register, contact Roshani in the business office at:
info@ipsalutantra.org or 805-534-1368

*Save $50 before January 1, 2019

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