• Discover your true nature, realize your magnificence, look within for guidance and wisdom.
  • Identify more and more with the Soul, less and less with your history and personality.
  • Learn to stay present as a Soul in the body with whatever emerges from the shadows.
  • Honor the Divine in each other, in all around you.
  • Sense that all is in divine order, even when it appears otherwise.
  • Realize that all beings are connected, that separation is an illusion.
  • Looking within, find a fountain of unbounded love and acceptance for the way you are.
  • Thus there is no need to seek approval from others.



  • See how you create your own experiences, as others cooperate to play out your expectations.
  • You have chosen to learn lessons. They show up as “problems” and persist until the lesson is learned.
  • Understand that there are no victims, no accidents. External events mirror your internal states.
  • Take responsibility for creating your life drama. Then you are able to recreate it more consciously.
  • Nothing outside has to change. When you shift inside, everything else automatically changes.
  • Resolve your own issues, not waiting for someone else to handle them.


Being Witness

  • Maintain non-judgmental Witness Consciousness, equally accepting of your light and your shadow.
  • Examine every subconscious process, and gradually free yourself from bondage to the past.
  • Disengage from self-defeating patterns and limiting beliefs (karma) by being a benevolent Witness.
  • Bring unexperienced feelings and outdated beliefs to completion. (Open chakras and energy channels.)



  • Realize that ego’s desires can never be satisfied. (Ipsalu means “transcending desire.”)
  • They are attempts to compensate for deep feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.
  • Rather than trying to suppress ego’s desires, provide yourself the love that has been missing.
  • Your Soul has desires, your life’s purpose, which are totally supported by Existence.

Creative power comes through surrender of the ego to the Soul. When your ego falls in love with your Soul, and becomes its devoted servant, you are then living in the cosmic flow. Your life becomes a magical series of synchronicities. Existence provides for your needs with ease and grace. Your Heart’s desires are realized.


Earth/Body Centered

  • Come to understand the mysteries of the universe by studying the secrets and delights of the body.
  • Celebrate life on the earthly plane, and compassionately embrace all aspects of humanness.
  • Invite the God of your Heart to dwell in your body-temple, to play in physical reality, to have fun.
  • Enjoy the tantric arts: song, rhythm and movement, massage, aroma.
  • Learn to create Heaven on Earth.


Balancing Polarities

Honor, empower, liberate, celebrate both the female energy (Shakti – the creative dynamic LifeForce) and the male energy (Shiva – clarity/stillness.) Bring them into balance and harmony. Increased Shakti (orgasmic) energy in the body brings about physical cleansing, emotional activation/release and heightened intuitive awareness.

Increased Shiva energy brings higher consciousness and sweet Bliss. By balancing these energies, you prepare your body for Kundalini awakening.


Kundalini Awakening

The Ipsalu technology (based on Kriya Yoga/Cobra Breath) can safely awaken in your body a new level of consciousness, an extraordinary intelligence now lying dormant (Kundalini). This higher vibration requires considerable preparation of mind and body through spiritual practice. As Kundalini awakens, you will express increasingly these four qualities:

  • Living in a state of Bliss;
  • Opening to latent genius;
  • Absolute integrity; and
  • Access to inner knowledge, a constant stream of wisdom, always new, always appropriate.

These qualities will be the norm in the emerging new human.



Once you learn to draw in greater amounts and higher vibrations of life-sustaining subtle energy, once your body’s energies flow freely through their channels, unobstructed by emotional residue, your body can heal itself, and can maintain health and vitality for a much longer, healthier life. Once you adjust your lifestyle to support the body’s needs, the higher energies transform your body, reorganizing the DNA, creating a new advanced species.

Service/Universal Love

For life to be satisfying, you must know that your efforts make a difference in the lives of others, that your Being inspires trust from others, and facilitates their journey toward self-discovery. The greatest service is to love unconditionally, never losing sight of the divinity in all. Bathed in the safety of that love, everything that is not love can come up to be healed. Anyone can remember who they really are if someone loves them enough to remind them.


Tantric partnership brings deeper intimacy and much more satisfying sexual experience.

Reconnect love and sex, and be really present with your partner. Initially you choose partners that recreate the primal family dynamic, picking the ones who push all your buttons to allow a healing of unresolved inner child issues. Once that is accomplished, sharing polarized energies accelerates the evolution of both partners.

Give yourself and your partner space to dance in all your aspects, in all combinations: the parent, the child, the wise one, the beloved, the nurturer, the sensualist, etc.

Recognize the value of community with people who share a common vision, based on love. Choices in alternate styles of relating (mono versus poly, hetero versus homo, etc.) are matters of personal preference and are not a part of this paradigm.

Spiritual/Sexual Energy

  • Heal the encultured attitude that sexual energy compromises spiritual advancement.
  • Learn instead to use that powerful energy to accelerate your progress.
  • Become more sensitive to the subtle energies of other dimensions.
  • Discover greater creativity and psychic perceptions, for healing yourself and others.
  • Your sexual experience becomes a sharing of those energies and dimensions as two lovers merge into the Divine light.


Tantra Bliss Formula

The frequent experience of Bliss is essential for the health of every human being. That requires simultaneous activation/integration of mind, body and Soul.

  • By stilling the mind you bring yourself into the present moment, the only “time” when you can understand Truth, can feel love, can experience God.
  • By activating the sexual energies you enliven that stillness into dynamic Bliss.
  • By transmuting that arousal, you elevate its orientation from survival to service, from pleasure to creativity, from control to surrender.
  • Feeling gratitude in all things perpetuates the experience of Bliss.

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