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Cobra Breath Level 1 – “Learning to Live in Bliss”

March 20-22, 2020
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Teacher: Nayano
Contact Nayano:


Cobra Breath Level 1 Couple’s Retreat – 

“Bliss in Relationship”


April 26 – May 2, 2020
Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat, California Hot Springs
Teacher: Nayano
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Cobra Breath Level 2 – “Bliss of Inner Union”

Level 2 focuses on the issues that keep your sexual energy (LifeForce) from flowing freely. You learn to use the “problems” in relationships as opportunities to heal the wounded inner child, releasing blocked energies in the lower chakras. By using Witness Consciousness and the power of orgasmic energy, you quickly move through old limitations to greater joy and fulfillment.
Prerequisite: Cobra Breath Level 1
*Please continue to check our Calendar for upcoming dates on our next Level 2 workshop. If you are interested in taking Level 2 in 2020, please contact us at: to apply.


Cobra Breath Level 3 – “Bliss of Divine Love”

Once the lower chakras are open, you are ready to gently open the heart and throat chakras through the third level Cobra Breath practice.

Cobra Breath Level 3 provides powerful tools to open your heart chakra, enabling you to give and receive unconditional love; The throat chakra opens inter-dimensional doors to alternate realities, allowing your Soul to express itself in the physical world; When male and female energies are balanced, the body is ready for natural and gentle Kundalini activation. Level 3 Cobra Breath awakens Kundalini flow, allowing you to experience a new level of consciousness and more consistent state of Bliss

You must have practiced the second level Cobra Breath for at least six months before receiving this level.

Prerequisite: Cobra Breath Level 2

*Please continue to check our Calendar for upcoming dates on our next Level 3 workshop.  If you are interested in taking Level 3 in 2020, please contact us at:  to apply.



Cobra Breath Level 4 – “Bliss of Cosmic Union”

Cobra Breath Level 4 opens you from the microcosm to the macrocosm, connecting the depths of earth and eternities of heaven. 

Prerequisite: Cobra Breath Level 3

*Please continue to check our Calendar for upcoming dates on our next Level 4  workshop.  If you are interested in taking Level 4 in 2020, please contact us at:  to apply. 


Ipsalu Osho Festival

This annual offering is a beautiful time for our community to gather!  Level One and above Cobra Grads are welcome. We have many exciting activities on the schedule that you don’t want to miss. 

*Our festival details for 2020 will be posted very soon! We are offering two options this year, in the Spring & Fall.  If you would like to be on our mailing list for festival, email us at 


Group Practicum

The Practicum is an alternative way to receive the Level 1 Cobra Breath (upon readiness and assessment from Practicum teacher) You do much of the work at your leisure and share your own experiences with the practicum group.  You will receive the benefit of doing this work in the company of others!

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All sessions are scheduled directly through your Ipsalu Teacher Mentor.

The Group Practicum includes Mentoring support and live group practicum classes. You will need to purchase a copy of the classic Jewel In The Lotus and the Tantra Bliss book to support your practice.  PURCHASE HERE

For Group Practicum sessions, the price is determined based on group size with the teacher. (Individual sessions are also available)

With the Ipsalu Tantra Practicum and formula you can: ~ Learn to live in bliss in each and every day~ Transmute sexual energy to rejuvenate the body~ Stimulate your endocrine system for improved immunity~ Consciously reconnect your heart and sex~ Truly be present in your body~ Honor the divine in yourself and in all beings~ Prepare to safely awaken Kundalini energy using Babaji’s Cobra Breath.

Each Practicum class includes: • Suggestions to enhance your sexual experience, energy and awareness; • Technical insights, deeper understanding of how the energy works; • Energy experiments with application to daily life; • Lifestyle suggestions to support your process (diet, etc.); • A reading assignment of manageable; length; • A writing assignment inviting you to clarify your thoughts and feelings about the ideas presented; and • Designing your daily practice; exploring powerful tantric techniques appropriate to that lesson.
You will learn how to use The Ipsalu Formula in all aspects of your life: • in your meditation; • before a stressful meeting or personal encounter; • in group or community situations such as waiting in line or going to church; and • as an integral part of your lovemaking.

PRACTICUM OUTLINE: CLASS 1, Being in the Energy Flow enhances your sensitivity to subtle energies. • CLASS 2, Being the non-judgmental witness offers the key to spiritual growth. • CLASS 3, Self-Responsibility moves you from victim to creator of your destiny. • CLASS 4, Cobra Breath gives guidelines for this powerful practice. You will receive Babaji’s Cobra Breath which is an oral tradition. You must attend ALL sessions in order to receive the Cobra Breath.

Hear what others have to say about their Practicum experience:

“I feel as if I have been given a map to the most wonderful place in the universe!” K.P. Cincinnati, OH

“Ipsalu Tantra has helped me to remove some of the blocks that were preventing me from true intimacy.” Y.Y. Cincinnati, OH


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