Cobra Breath Courses


Ipsalu Tantra offers a series of courses, 3 to 7 days long, often in beautiful locations. There is personalized support for participants at every level. The Courses are based on techniques from the Kriya Yoga, Tibetan and Taoist traditions. This is a step-by-step process that is safe, powerful and effective, leading to deep fulfillment and self-discovery.





Cobra Breath Level 1 ~ Learning to Live in Bliss


This weekend Course, for singles or couples, builds toward initiation into the first level of Cosmic Cobra Breath, a wonderful technique that transmutes sexual energy to open your mystical vision. You begin to see the truth behind the illusions of the world and become the Witness to your life-drama, rather than its victim. You learn the Ipsalu Formula, a most efficient and effective way to reach the Bliss state.

The Level 1 Course focuses on being Present in the moment, finding that still point where you experience Infinite Consciousness within your body. That clarity transforms your sense of who you are, expanding beyond old limitations. Using powerful yogic techniques, you reach a greater integration of mind, soul and body.

Honor your humanness. ~ Silence the self-critical voice.
Break through your limitations. ~ Discover your magnificence.
Blend the energies of Consciousness, Heart and Sacred Sexuality.
Prolong and deepen lovemaking. – generating & containing more sexual energy.
Be truly Present with your beloved. ~ Feel ecstatic communion between souls.
Transmute sexual LifeForce energy to rejuvenate your body and stimulate creativity.
Discover your Unlimited Self as the creator of your reality and experience.
Joyfully transform your reality so you can manifest your Soul’s intention.

Celebrate your aliveness with song and dance and healing massage. You’ll find yourself playing with subtle energy, sharing energies with others, finding a sense of inner unity, feeling at one with God. The mood is fun and playful and at the same time profound. Sexual practices are discussed but there is no explicit sexual activity.




Cobra Breath Level 2 ~ Bliss of Inner Union


Level 2 focuses for four days on the issues that keep your sexual energy (LifeForce) from flowing freely. You learn to use the “problems” in relationships as opportunities to heal the wounded inner child, releasing blocked energies in the lower charkas. By using Witness Consciousness and the power of orgasmic energy, you quickly move through old limitations to greater joy and fulfillment.

Find true satisfaction in your work and play.
Rediscover your innocence and spontaneity.
Embrace your inner male and female aspects.
Release yourself from self-sabotaging emotional patterns.
Recognize the Divine in yourself, your partner and in every being.
Break through the erroneous beliefs that underlie your limited self-image.

You will receive the second level of Cosmic Cobra Breath in a self-initiation. It will cleanse the chakras and balance male/female energies. One breath produces the spiritual growth that normally takes an entire year, dramatically accelerating your evolution.

You must have practiced the first level Cobra Breath for at least three months before receiving this level.
It opens a secret energy channel to make your progress flow quickly. This course is for singles or couples.




Cobra Breath Level 3 ~ Bliss of Divine Love


This course is offered in three sections:

Level 3 Essentials

Once the lower chakras are open, you are ready to gently open the heart and throat chakras through the third level Cobra Breath practice.

This 8-day Course provides powerful tools to open your heart chakra, enabling you to give and receive unconditional love; The throat chakra opens inter-dimensional doors to alternate realities, allowing your Soul to express itself in the physical world; When male and female energies are balanced, the body is ready for natural and gentle Kundalini activation. Level 3 Cobra Breath awakens Kundalini flow, allowing you to experience a new level of consciousness and more consistent state of Bliss

You must have practiced the second level Cobra Breath for at least six months before receiving this level.

Embody intimacy and compassion.
Enter timeless states where miracles occur.
Enter a new phase of relationship, based on love rather than need.
Become more available for true intimacy, communication and compassion.
Experience your connection with All That Is, losing your sense of separateness.
Experience a serenity that is profoundly expanded and yet dynamically grounded.

Tantric Tibetan Rebirthing is perhaps the most powerful tantric experience…leading to the Ultimate Flow of energy through the whole being, fine-tuning the chakras and opening a cosmic doorway to other dimensions.

Maithuna Ritual is the High Ceremony of Union in tantric practice. Embodying Shiva and Shakti consciousness, fully opening the energy in your body and enfolding a partner’s energy, you become energetically one and dissolve limitations as you open to the wonders of the universe.




Cobra Breath Level 4 ~ Bliss of Cosmic Union


The Cobra Breath Level 4 opens you from the microcosm to the macrocosm, connecting the depths of earth and eternities of heaven. There are three more levels, but they must be experienced and cannot be described.



De-Armoring Intensive ~ Bliss of Surrender


A deep exploration and opening of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as well as calming the effects of trauma in the nervous system and brain. Discover your inner resistance and blocks to self-care and relaxation, finding ways to bring a greater sense of self-love into your life and being. This workshop is open to Ipsalu Cobra graduates of all levels.




Between Levels ~ Bliss Booster Retreat


Open to Cobra graduates of all levels: Love, Meditate and Celebrate!  For those wanting to reconnect with the special energy of our Ipsalu community gatherings, for daily practice, Cobra Breath reviews, sharing circles, emotional processing & exploration and of course, lots of fun. 




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