Ipsalu Tantra International (ITI) is deeply committed to the safety of Course participants.

The purpose of our Courses is to provide a space where people feel safe and supported so they can remove their armoring and façade and discover a deeper part of themselves. This exploration and healing can only happen in an atmosphere of respect and honoring. Each Course begins with agreements including confidentiality and respecting boundaries.

Teachers are clear that they are not therapists. If someone’s process gets too strong, they know to refer that person to a professional.

The Courses deal with redirecting sexual/LifeForce energy, with suggestions of what to do in private regarding explicit sexual activity. No such activity is part of the Courses.

Course participants are all adults, over age 21. Some of the breathing and relaxation techniques are helpful for younger people, but LifeForce energy should be undisturbed during their growth period.


Every Teacher signs an Ethics Agreement limiting their interaction with the students. They agree to not become sexually involved. Rare subsequent connections must wait for a considerable cooling-off period.

Teachers are required to be law-abiding, especially in matters relating to sex. Since genital contact for compensation is illegal in most of the United States, Teachers must agree not to perform those services, or to recommend the services of someone else.

To obtain certification, Teachers are required to affirm that they have not been prosecuted for sex-related crimes.


The Cosmic Cobra Breath series is the force that powers this process. It is an ancient tradition that they can be transmitted only by people prepared and authorized.

Out of respect for the power of these techniques, students must promise not to share them with others. The training and transformation provided in the Courses prepares the student’s mind and body to handle the new energies. Trying to practice without that background could prove harmful.


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