[toggle title=”Will I have my individual freedom?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]Yes. You will find once you arrive that you are encouraged to express your individuality, your own uniqueness. This is not usually an issue for people once they begin to experience the teachings.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is there sex in the class?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]There will be no explicit sex in the class, but issues of sexuality will be addressed. The approach is spiritual in nature and each participant will be honored and respected. The environment is very safe.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Do I have to come with a partner?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]No, in fact, most people come as singles. We keep a gender balance.
There are usually several couples, so you can feel comfortable no matter whether you come as single or couple.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”If I don’t come as a couple, what happens in the exercises?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]Some communication exercises are more effective if your partner is a stranger. You can be more honest. Any exercises involving physical intimacy, touching, sitting in yab-yum, you would be with your partner. We learn about, practice and experience the different teachings. It is in a very safe environment. You take responsibility for yourself and set your own boundaries.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is the age of people participating? Is there a minimum age?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]The age range is usually 30-55; 21 is minimum.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What if I am partnered with someone with whom I don’t want to work? Do I have to partner with someone who asks me?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]You don’t have to do anything. You always have a choice.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is there nudity?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]One segment of the Level 1 intensive weekend is nudity-optional.
Each person chooses how to use that opportunity.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are Ipsalu courses open to people in the LGBT community?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]Absolutely. LGBT issues are not addressed specifically in Ipsalu courses, but individuals and couples in these communities animate the same principles of masculine/feminine polarity as do those who are straight. LGBT students are welcome to approach Ipsalu teachers with their questions and concerns[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Does the staff participate in the program?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]Not usually, unless needed for balance. Facilitators who are in training
may be present as participants, as part of their training.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is it residential or do we stay in hotels?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]Some intensives are residential. If not, people will stay at home and commute to class each day (or in a hotel or personal home if they are coming from out of town[/toggle]

[toggle title=”What is the source of these teachings?” faq=”yes” open=”no” color=”theme”]Ipsalu Tantra is taught from the context of two books: Jewel in the Lotus and The Ipsalu Formula: A Method for TantraBliss. The essence of the practice of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga is the Cosmic Cobra Breath, as gifted to the world by Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj.[/toggle]


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