Before our conscious intellect formed, a massive amount of intelligence was already at work. Have you ever learned a skill so thoroughly that you don’t even have to think about it while you’re doing it? That’s “muscle memory”. Your limbic system (the part of the brain that controls muscular activity), has the patterns ingrained, so they can be performed without conscious thought.

That part of the brain also controls your flight or fight, freeze or faint reactions. (the four reactions to stress and threats.) It was keeping you alive and healthy long before your conscious brain had begun to develop.

Things we “learned” during that critical period in our development are buried deeply in our bodies, in what is called the “subconscious” or “body consciousness”.

We think of the subconscious as something different from the conscious mind. But realize there is a continuum of consciousness, from our bodies, to our minds, to the all-encompassing love-energy of the universe (super consciousness).

“Muscle memories” stored when we were very young can rise to the surface, where they can be witnessed by the conscious mind. Those muscle memories constitute the “inner child” that Ipsalu Tantra is so adept at healing.

The memories can be painful. They often bring tears. But we are guided to be present, to simply witness them. Understanding and forgiveness come in their own time. But it helps to simply be aware of the past traumas and experiences that shaped our perception of “self”–because that sense of who we are has guided all of our actions, from then until now, causing us to react to situations in ways that made us appear to be that person.

But in Ipsalu Tantra we acquire a greater degree of freedom. We learn to “rise above” so that images of the past no longer haunt us. We begin to discover our true selves–the pure, shining individuals we were born to be.

And yes, that includes your sex life. In Ipsalu, as in every form of Tantra, we learn to embrace sexuality as an integral part of our spirituality, until there is no significant difference between the two. We learn that sexuality is a powerful driving force for love, for personal power, and for spiritual expansion. We come to know these things, as a matter of direct, personal experience.

It’s a powerful, enlightening practice. I only wish I had come to it much sooner in my life. I hope that these words will guide you towards a similar practice that works as well for you as it has for me.

Sat nam. (peace)
eric armstrong

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