All yoga practices benefit your health but Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga provides benefits and rejuvenation that go beyond your highest hopes. The body can heal itself from most injuries and illness (assuming you provide pure air, water, food and rest) but that healing property can’t function when the body is stressed. Most people live in a constant state of stress, and so the body can’t maintain itself. Stress is a major cause of most diseases. The practice of Ipsalu Tantra teaches you to access your healing potential, how to shift out of stress into Bliss, how to transform your life, by several approaches:

  1. A Paradigm, a way of looking at life and your place in the world, that empowers you, expands your awareness, dissolves limitations, reminds you of your Divine birth-right.
  2. A Process, with emotional clearing that goes deep into old trauma and clears away residue and blocks, leaving healing energies free to flow.
  3. A Practice that leaves you relaxed and joyful, ever closer to your Authentic Self.

How It Works in a Cellular Level

Most diseases flourish in an acidic environment. The standard American diet (SAD) is almost totally acid producing. That relates energetically to the masculine/feminine balance in the psyche. Acid is male, alkaline is female. Ipsalu practice restores the feminine energies to a place of balance. With Cobra Breath the earth energy bathes every cell in the body, actually changes the ph (acid/alkaline) from acidic to neutral or even alkaline.

In a state of deep relaxation, the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems come into balance. Parasympathetic is the brake, the relaxed state that allows for healing. Sympathetic is the gas. Most people in this culture have the gas on all the time with an occasional brake, so you are jerking through your life. When both are in balance you can work so much more efficiently and so much longer because you have this beautiful dance or harmony, yin/yang balance. It results in a decrease of stress hormones, a normalization of blood sugar, decrease of blood pressure and a relaxation of all smooth muscles.

When you think positively, your hormones come into balance. When you think with your heart, like seeing a puppy or a sleeping baby, and you go Ahhh, your DHEA levels rise, which begins to balance your hormones. But even more important, the variability of your heart beat normalizes, producing a consistent wave pattern that you can see on a heart rate monitor. That pattern begins to balance the entire body, since the heart is a huge electro-magnet that entrains the rest of the body. The frequency of an open heart entrains with the earth ~7.8 cycles/sec, and the frequency of Om. You are attuned to the earth and heavens. This long sustaining frequency will entrain the active mind to remember its Divine Source.

Hormones are vibrating molecules. The parasympathetic hormones, DHEA, serotonin, etc vibrate at slower sustaining frequencies. As the parasympathetic hormones bathe the body, the hormones attach to the surface of the cells, vibrating them in this vibration of bliss, joy, gratitude, love, etc This opens areas on the chromosomes that exposes DNA that are not available when we are in distress, as in the sympathetic (fight-flight-freeze) half of the autonomic nervous system. You can imagine how differently our cells express with DNA exposed to love, bliss and pleasure than to fear, anger ,judgment; how they would replicate themselves and restore and rejuvenate the body. Our bodies are such magical temples! ”


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