bodhiThe Cobra Breaths, the essence of Tantra Kriya Yoga, are a gift to mankind from Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj, a master of yogic science in 4th century India. These techniques were refined into an effective formula by Bodhi Avinasha and Sunyata Saraswati in the 1980s. Through decades of exploration and experimentation, Bodhi has refined the Practices to make them even more effective. She makes mystical science accessible to today’s spiritual seeker.

BODHI AVINASHA, the founder of Ipsalu Tantra, is a lifelong spiritual seeker and student, experiencing a wide range of human development offerings in the Western world. As a sannyasin with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), a foremost Tantric Master, she underwent training in his unique blend of psychology and mysticism with transforming results.

Bodhi presents the art and science of Tantra Kriya Yoga with direct guidance from the Avatar Babaji Nagaraj. She has taught Tantra since 1986; touring throughout the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, France, Switzerland and Bulgaria – touching thousands of lives.

She is co-author of the internationally acclaimed Tantra text, “Jewel in the Lotus”, which has been translated into 14 languages and is the author of “The Ipsalu Formula: a Method for TantraBliss”, which builds on and completes the first book “Jewel in the Lotus”.

For many years Bodhi facilitated workshops of extraordinary depth and transformation. She is skilled at leading people to an experiential discovery of higher states they may not have known before. She has a solid, down-to-earth presence that cuts right to the core with insight, wisdom, humor and compassion.

Bodhi does not claim to be a guru, and in fact, discourages that reference. Her techniques and teachings enable us to become our own guru. She is a messenger who is guided in using subtle body energy as a medium for human growth on all levels.

Bodhi is now retired from teaching, but has prepared gifted teachers to continue offering Courses at various places around the world.


Q: What brought you to this kind of work?
A: In my youth I had frequent mystical experiences, a sense of divine presence. Becoming sexually active created a shame that disconnected me from Source and left me in deep depression. I spent 14 intense years in various therapies trying to find myself. I did not have a spiritual guide through that time, but eventually figured out a process for myself which others could also follow, achieving the same cosmic re-connection in a much shorter period of time. We can now facilitate people through that journey in 2-3 years.

Q: When were you first exposed to this form of tantra?
A: In 1985 I met Sunyata Saraswati and for 7 years I was his apprentice and co-teacher. He was a master technician with extraordinary energy skills and encyclopedic knowledge from many spiritual paths, primarily Tantra Kriya Yoga. He had gathered the world’s most effective techniques and processes.

Q: Where did you go from there?
A: While I appreciated the power of the Kriya techniques, I felt it lacked a way to deal with emotions and open the heart, as I had learned with Osho. I created the Ipsalu version of Tantra Kriya Yoga, including the best of both traditions. For the next seven years I traveled and taught, experimented with and refined the process and developed the current sequence of courses. I continue to be amazed at the transformative results of this practice.

Q: Why did you create an organization?
A: After seven years of teaching on my own, to meet the increased demand for courses, the time had come to make this a group effort, the creation of community.The organization came into being in 1999 and has continued to grow as brilliant new teachers emerged and expanded our range of activity. We needed the organization to coordinate our activities and support each other.

Q: How has the organization grown from that point?
A: Over 200 people have been through Teacher Training. We now have many teachers certified to teach . They are located on four continents. The teachers undergo rigorous training in the techniques, the knowledge and the art of facilitating transformation. The training typically extends over a period of several years so teachers can integrate the techniques into their own lives and hone their skills in this unique type of presentation. Each teacher is presenting courses, supporting their students’ processes and creating community among those who practice these methods.

Q: What do you see for the future of the organization?
A: We continue to review and refine all the courses and materials, adding new courses for specific interest groups in order to expand the applications of the teaching in the various aspects of life.I look forward to an expansion of the communities already begun and additional communities emerging as new teachers develop. The individual processes of people continue as they work through the various course levels, expanding consciousness, developing an overall community with people living in love and harmony, people who have found their spiritual family.

Q: How can I help?
A: The regular flow of monthly contributions supports our presence in the world, our ability to reach out and touch the lives of more people. Your commitment to an automatic donation of $10 or $20 per month will greatly enhance our ability to grow. This is unique, profound work, and we are excited to offer it to an ever-growing circle. Your financial support of the work is deeply appreciated. It’s one way you can make a big difference.


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