Tantra as a subject can be confusing and contradictory at times, but Ipsalu Tantra offers a clear-cut, step-by-step path to learn this ancient practice. The Ipsalu Formula is a daily practice that you can do on your own. You don’t need a partner to practice.

Ipsalu offers several ways to learn:

The Online Practicum

This is a series of 12 lessons that are based on material in the two books, “The Jewel and the Lotus” and “The Ipsalu Formula: A Method of TantraBliss.” You do these lessons at your own pace, and after the fourth lesson, you are entitled to learn Level 1 Cobra Breath from a teacher over the phone. A mentor will be assigned to you who will support you in your journey.

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Level 1 Workshops

These workshops are conducted over a weekend and are a deep immersion in Tantric practice and philosophy. You will be initiated into the first level of Cosmic Cobra Breath, a wonderful technique that transmutes sexual energy to open your mystical vision. This ancient breath technique was long held secret because of its great power. It prepares the mind and body for the safe, controlled movement of Kundalini. You will also learn the Ipsalu Formula, a most efficient and effective way to reach the Bliss state — and you will be launched into a beautiful process of self-transformation. Level 1 Ipsalu workshops take place across the globe. Find out where there is an upcoming workshop near you.

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Community Classes

Ipsalu is growing all around the world — and many communities offer regular Ipsalu classes held in the evening. It’s a great introduction to the practice and a great way to meet other like-minded seekers. And it’s a lot of fun!

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