It’s early morning. My alarm goes off, but I still doze…”Don’t get up! You are way too tired today!” says the mind. I get up anyway. It feels good to be up.

I want to take a swim in a pool: “Don’t do it!” says the mind “It’s freezing! You are gonna suffer!”. I jump in and feel my body waking up to bliss.

I wanna take a morning walk. It’s foggy today.. “Stay home today”, says the mind, “it’s foggy and gray out there, you gonna be cold and aren’t gonna enjoy it”. I step out and take a deep breath. My body fills with fresh prana. I start walking. With each breath I feel more life force entering me, tingles of ecstasy running through my body. I see the dew droplets hanging on the end of pine needles like precious jewels, I hear birds singing on top of a canvas of a deep silence, I feel the trees rejoicing with my presence, I love the freshness of morning energy. I love it all!

I have a choice to walk up to a steep hill. “Don’t do it” the mind says “you are gonna suffer terribly and barely make it”. As I start stepping up I feel exhilarated! My legs are hurting and I have to breathe deeply. As I focus on my breath the pain in my legs gradually disappears and there’s a wonderful feeling of expansion in my chest. I feel SO alive!

I find my favorite clearing with soft, dewy grass. I want to take my shoes off to feel it. “Don’t do it!” says the mind. It’s cold and wet! You are not gonna like it.” As my bare feet touch the earth it’s as if the universe has lit up inside me. I am one with Her, with mother earth, deeply connected, down to the roots. My feet too feel delighted, enjoying the wet, tickling sensation. As I walk around all my reflex points get stimulated.

I’m about to upload a video on YouTube: “Don’t do it “says the mind. “It’s not good enough. You are gonna be ridiculed!”. I do it anyway. It feels like an adventure and I am exited, feeling rather proud and joyous.

I’m about to send an email newsletter to my mailing list : “Don’t do it!” says the mind. “You will be beheaded/hanged/burned at a stake!” I do it anyway. I’ve survived ( Hours later I am still alive, with a few beautiful comments from recipients…)!

I need to buy a certain health item. “Don’t do it!” says the mind. You are not going to have the money for food and you will starve!” I get it anyway. I hear my body saying a big T H A N K Y O U!

It’s afternoon, my son wants to play checkers with me: “It’s too stupid of a game. Anyway, you have too much work to do…” says the mind. I play with him. We have a great time! As I’ve laughed my head off, and I realized none of those ‘work’ things are really that important.

My kids want me to read them a good night story. “Oh, not again” says the mind “you’ll have to suffer through it…”. I don’t. I really, really enjoy this special time and as I kiss my angels good night my heart dances with joy.

My partner wants to share The Form with me: “It’s too late, you are too tired” says the mind. I agree. We have a beautiful, divine experience, showing me c l e a r l y that I am not the mind.

I am about to write the story about How the Mind works…”Don’t do it!” says the mind, “It’s too stupid…..”

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