Bodhi calls Ipsalu Tantra the Pink Tantra, and it is important to understand why. Tantra is a vast science that is practiced by a number of lineages around the world.

White Tantra is practiced by those who seek a specifically spiritual experience. They focus primarily on upper energy centers (chakras), including heart, throat, third eye and crown, and conduct practices that enable them to unite with Spirit. For White Tantric practicioners, transcending the physical realm is key to their spiritual growth.

On the other hand, Red Tantra practitioners focus on the lower body chakras (including root, sexual and power), and the physical, sensual arts in order to generate and master sexual, life-force energy for deep physical experiences and physically energetic growth.  For them, the spiritual realms are of secondary concern.

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga understands the value of cultivating both the physical and the spiritual energy, and provides techniques that engage all chakras. Practitioners are encouraged to fully immerse into the physical aspects of their being by harnessing and cultivating the use of their vital life-force energy (sexual energy), as well as their spiritual aspects by healing their hearts and opening the crown chakra for a deeper connection with Spirit.  This results in a life in which we are fully in our bodies and on earth, while maintaining a connection with and awareness of the spiritual energy that exists in all things. Conscious of our multidimensional nature, we are less affected by outside circumstance and more present and accepting of what is, and loving all of it.

— Meloney Hudson, author


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