MARIALU PICMaría Lucia Tarazona~ Colombia

Module 2 Certified Teacher

Phone: + 57 314 411 6622
Facebook: Bymarialu
Youtube: Bymarialu
Instagram: By_marialu

MariaLu is from Colombia, South America and did her major degree in journalism and developed her career in Semana magazine for 7 years. Then she founded her own company, Tarazona Group, a PR & strategic communications agency and has worked as a consultant of personal and corporate brands for the last 8 years.

Now she dedicates her life to what she considers her true mission: service in the transformational path of awakening consciousness. She created her personal brand, Marialu, through which she offers weekly tantra sessions, dynamic workshops, happenings, performances and mentorings. In her own spiritual quest, she has traveled through different paths of personal growth. She started her energy healing path initially with Reiki, then delving into this field by certifying herself in Reconnective Healing, along with its founder, Dr. Eric Pearl, with whom she also shared a journey through Latin America, being his image and PR consultant.  She has also been involved in Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP, using the John Grinder method, as well as in the Pineal Gland Activation using the Chilean method from Fresia Castro. With Matias Flury she experimented the Seeds of Light implants, an experiential compendium of his book “Downloads from the Nine.” She was certified as an Ipsalu Tantra Teacher in 2016.

Currently, Marialu is sponsoring and supporting Ipsalu Tantra workshops all over Latin America. Marialu is also a mentor with our Ipsalu Practicum home-study-course.


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