Nayano ~ Teaches Internationally, Based in Florida

Certified to Teach Levels 1-4 Cobra Breath Workshops


I was born a Pisces in the 1960’s and grew up in central Florida with my mother, father and sister. We had many pets including a monkey called Tarzan…

We all have a story that starts out something like this, and we learn to identify with that story at the expense of knowing who we truly are, where we came from and why we are here.  I was no exception.

Around the age of 30 I could no longer tolerate the discomfort of being half alive.  I was tired of my masks and unhealthy relationships.  Living on the surface was empty and painful.  My soul longed to be set free.  And so, the journey began.

I went to half a dozen therapy sessions, read countless spiritual self-help books, quit my job, sold everything and sailed the Caribbean for 5 months. When I returned to the states, well, there I was.

In 1996 I received Reiki attunements and enrolled in Massage school. Within a year, I  had a thriving private massage practice, became a Reiki Master and began teaching Reiki to others.  My work evolved organically, and soon I was leading clients through emotional processing in addition to the bodywork and energy sessions.  None of this was planned, it all came about by listening to my inner guidance, even when it wasn’t at all practical.

Still, my own emotional healing process was slow.  No matter how blissed out and connected I would feel during sessions or workshops, later I would always crash back into my private hell.

Then, in early 2000 I met my friend Dale.  He told me about his Tantra teacher from California, Bodhi Avinasha.  She is the founder of Tantrika International and creator of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga.  Bodhi was coming to south Florida to facilitate her Level One Cobra Breath intensive called “Learning to Live in Bliss.”

I went.
I was terribly uncomfortable and self-conscious through much of the program.
I was hooked!
I began the practice.

Now my process was speeding up!  So much so, that I thought I would surely explode during my second year! But with the grace of existence and support of my loving teachers, I made it through the darkness, walked the fires and came out the other side with a strong witness consciousness.   The greatest shifts have happened since my Kundalini awakening which occurred in 2004 during a process in the Ipsalu Level III intensive.

In 2002 I began Bodhi’s teacher training program and then started facilitating evening classes.  I was authorized to teach Cobra Breath in 2004 as a certified teacher and mentor, and then certified to teach the Level One Intensive “Learning to Live in Bliss” in early 2007.
I’m now certified to teach the all the advanced level Cobra Breath workshops and facilitate all the modules of our teacher training program. In addition, I have been passed the lineage torch and continue to evolve our system by creating additional workshops and support methods for our global community.

I teach these courses in several countries including: USA, Canada, Croatia, Costa Rica, England, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Greece and France. More destinations are opening up throughout the world. It is an exciting and magical time, as more of humanity is prepared to take on this practice of self-mastery and awakening.

As an Osho sannyasin, I have made several trips to the commune in Pune, India. It was during my first trip there that I was given the name Antar Nayano which means “Inner-Eye”

Through many years I’ve gone deeper into my own healing process, becoming clearer about my teaching path. I feel intensely that my purpose as a teacher is to support others in becoming more alive, awakened and to be living their truth and purpose.

It is an honor to be part of this lineage. I believe in this practice and feel deep gratitude for having found this path and to be sharing it with humanity. I am truly blessed.

Passing the Torch to Nayano

By Bodhi Avinasha

Nayano had determined 18 years ago to become a teacher of the four levels of Ipsalu courses. and has become the embodiment of the principles and practices of those courses.She has transformed herself into the next generation of the Ipsalu legacy. It is gratifying to me as a facilitator to see one who was student become a master teacher, surpassing what I was able to do, persevering through personal challenges. expanding into new regions, She now is (or has been) teaching in Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, England, France, Sweden, Germany & Croatia…also opening new regions in the USA.

In the seven years I worked with Sunyata, he was preparing me to carry on the work. After Sunyata and I went our separate ways, I continued to teach another 20 years. Sunyata. had been called by his guru, Satyananda Saraswati of Bihar India, who was a student of Sivananda, a direct disciple of Babaji. Each generation of this lineage has been directed and guided by Babaji. Nayano has, by her selfless diligence and determination, earned her place in this line of succession.

It is interesting to note that Sunyata moved to her community for the last few years of his life. Clearly he saw that she was to become the next leader of the Tantric Kriya Yoga tradition. Shortly after his death he got word to her to perform a ceremony to help him make his transition. Participants in that event were keenly aware of his presence there.

I am grateful to Nayano for the hope that this work will outlive me and the legacy will carry on, that more and more people will be able to experience the evolution of spiritual consciousness that the Ipsalu practice provides.

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Tim Love ~ West Palm Beach

Module 2 Certified Teacher


Tim is a Mentor for the Ipsalu Practicum home study course.


Craig Schwartz

Craig Schwartz ~ Spring Hill

Module 3 Certified Teacher


Craig’s interest in Tantra was sparked in 1978 by Jonn Mumford’s book “Ecstasy through Tantra”. In the late 1990’s he began his studies in earnest, via classes and workshops with Bodhi Avinasha, Margot Anand, Charles and Caroline Muir and Kutira and Rafael. His heart chose as its focus Ipsalu Tantra, largely because of its unique combination of devotional practice and yogic technique. Having settled on a path, Craig took all the Ipsalu workshops available, and completed Ipsalu Teacher’s training in 1998. He is a fourth level Cobra Breath initiate, authorized by Bodhi Avinasha to teach the Level I Cobra Breath, and is among the nine people (globally) certified by Sunyata Saraswati in 2002 to facilitate the advanced chakra clearing technique then known as Tantric Rebirthing. Read More



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