Bill Laseter ~ Braselton, GA

Module 2 Certified Teacher

Phone: (678) 478-8588


Took sannyas October 2014. Received the spiritual name Prem Sarovara which means “Ocean of Love.” Oneness Blessing Giver since May 2010.

“After years of self study, my initiation into the Divine energies of Tantra occurred spontaneously on a retreat in the spring of 2009. During a walking meditation, I experienced the Ecstatic Loving Energy of Mother Earth shoot through my body and all around me. Then, as if in response, the Ecstatic Loving Energy from the Cosmos poured back down through my body and into the earth. It felt like Heavenly Father and Mother Earth making Love. I continue to evolve and have experiences of Divine Energy.

My calling is to help those who are ready to move into a new way of being that honors both our bodies and our spirit. My calling is to help empower others to discover their own authentic self which is a Blissful way of being. As each of us becomes aware and has the experience of living in Bliss, we contribute to the expansion of the whole of humanity.”

Listen to Bill’s Interview on His Journey with Tantra

Bill offers introduction to Ipsalu Tantra classes and is a Mentor for the  Ipsalu Practicum home study course.



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