katerinaKaterina Foltova ~ Berlin, Germany

Module 2 Certified Teacher

Email: kachenka831@gmail.com
Tel: +49/ (0)15754695619

Summer and Autumn – Berlin, Germany

Katerina has been initiated into the Red Path moon dance, vision quest and numerous plant medicine paths, with shamans in Mexico & Peru. She is certified in shamanic permaculture design at the Paititi Institute in the Peruvian Amazon. She has been initiated into the healing path as a Diksha giver at the University of Oneness in India in 2007. Since then she has trained as Hatha yoga teacher, ShitasuThai massagist, BBTR – Biodynamic breath and Trauma Release therapist and Reiki healer. She has completed the Ipsalu advanced Teacher Training in 2014 in Florida and been Initiated into level 1 Cobra Breath in 2012 & level 2 in 2014.

Katerina lives in Berlin for half-year season, where she offers weekly classes and weekend retreats, bringing awareness on how to effectively use vital energy and heal traumas.

The rest of the year she travels with retreats around the world.



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