Amy Marsh Amy Marsh ~ Pahoa

Module 1 Certified Teacher


Amy Marsh, Ed.D., DHS, CH, CI, ACS, now resides in Pahoa,   Hawai’i Island, as of January 11, 2016.

Though her professional expertise focuses on all forms of human sexuality and gender expression, Amy has been interested in yoga and other forms of spirituality since her teens. After a spontaneous kundalini awakening spanning 10 months in 2001-2002, she became interested in tantra and subtle body energy. Her involvement with Ipsalu dates from 2005. She has attended Levels 1 – 3, and also served on the ITI Council of Stewards for three years.

Amy is a skilled educator who teaches live and online. Her classes and programs are LGBTQ, kink, and poly-friendly and inclusive of people managing disabilities. She brings Ipsalu methods to her clients in private practice. As an apprentice Ipsalu teacher she is available for mentoring practicum students and workshops, and looks forward to continuing her training as an Ipsalu Teacher.

Amy is in private practice as a board-certified clinical sexologist, AASECT-certified sex counselor, certified hypnotist and hypnosis instructor. She serves on the Advisory Board of the American College of Sexologists International. She also offers postpartum doula services and prenatal hypnosis as a low-cost, community service to residents of Hawai’i.



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