Mentoring is available with Ipsalu Licensed Teachers to support your exploration and practice of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga. Mentors hold sessions with individuals, couples or small groups.

You can use the TantraBliss Practicum (Home Study Course), which requires three mentor sessions, to learn Cobra Breath 1, when you are unable to attend a Level 1 Course in person, as a preparation for an in-person Level 1 or as follow-up support after a Level 1 Course to help integrate the practice into your life.

Mentor Sessions may include:

  • Review and expansion of recognized Ipsalu Tantra techniques
  • Sharing of experiences during your Ipsalu Tantra practice
  • Guidance regarding how to maintain a daily practice
  • Emotional/energy flow work
  • Guidance for the TantraBliss Practicum exploration and study
  • Initiation into first level Cobra Breath (after adequate preparation)

Mentors can answer questions about Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, however the mentor is not a licensed health professional in sexual problems (through ITI). Mentoring does not include any form of sexual contact. Mentoring is not a replacement for professional counseling, therapy (emotional or sexual) or qualified medical care.

Sessions are held either by phone or in person, if geography permits and depending on the mentor. The price is $60 per hour for three (1-hour) sessions. The first session usually covers Lessons 1-3 of the Practicum and any questions you may have. In the second session you may learn Cobra Breath 1. The third session is often a follow-up call.

TantraBliss Practicum lessons can be purchased here.

Contact ITI if you want the support of a mentor. If you know a mentor with whom you wish to work with, request that person as your mentor. Email – with the subject “Mentor Requested” or Click here to find a Licensed Ipsalu Teacher to ask to be your mentor.


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