Mentoring is available with Ipsalu Licensed Teachers to support your exploration and practice of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga. Mentors hold sessions with individuals, couples or small groups.

You can use the TantraBliss Practicum (Home Study Course), which requires six mentor sessions, to learn Cobra Breath 1, when you are unable to attend a Level 1 Course in person, as a preparation for an in-person Level 1 or as follow-up support after a Level 1 Course to help integrate the practice into your life.

Mentor Sessions may include:

  • Review and expansion of recognized Ipsalu Tantra techniques
  • Sharing of experiences during your Ipsalu Tantra practice
  • Guidance regarding how to maintain a daily practice
  • Emotional/energy flow work
  • Guidance for the TantraBliss Practicum exploration and study
  • Initiation into first level Cobra Breath (after adequate preparation)

Mentors can answer questions about Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, however the mentor is not a licensed health professional in sexual problems (through ITI). Mentoring does not include any form of sexual contact. Mentoring is not a replacement for professional counseling, therapy (emotional or sexual) or qualified medical care.

Students who purchase the Practicum Lessons and wish to receive Cobra Breath 1 must purchase a minimum of (6) 1-hour mentoring sessions from a Certified Ipsalu Teacher / Mentor. The Mentor fee is $80.00 per hour. The sessions will be over Zoom or in person, depending on the location of the Mentor. All money and services are to be exchanged between the Mentor and student. Each session will correspond a lesson from the Practicum (Lessons 1-6) and any questions you may have. In the fourth session, at the start of lesson-4, you will learn Cobra Breath 1. The remaining two sessions will be a review of the Cobra Breath 1 technique, and support for the energetic and emotional effects the student will experience from the practice.

This is an opportunity for you to make a commitment to truly honor and nurture yourself and the world around you.

  • Before beginning the Practicum as a means of learning the Level 1 Cosmic Cobra Breath, the student must sign an agreement to not share the Cobra Breath with anyone. The Cobra Breath Agreement will be sent to the student for signature before being sent the Practicum Lesson package.

The Ipsalu Cobra Breath Agreement:

Out of respect for the power and sacredness of the Cobra Breath, I promise to keep it to myself and not reveal it to anyone without permission from an authorized Ipsalu Tantra, Inc. representative.  I further agree to not teach any Ipsalu Tantra™ course without authorization, or represent myself or any service I provide as affiliated with Ipsalu Tantra™ without expressed permission from Ipsalu Tantra, Inc.

Ipsalu Tantra™ is a system of practices promoting health and well-being. Caution and common sense should be utilized in following any of the suggestions about food, exercise, breathing, sexual activity, etc. This course is not meant to replace competent medical advice. Anyone suffering from high blood pressure, venereal disease or any illness of their sexual organs should consult a medical doctor before practicing the methods taught here. Anyone with a history of emotional instability or who is currently in a time of rapid transition or high stress is advised to delay his or her initiation and be careful in using meditation techniques that transmute energy into the brain. There are calming techniques that we could suggest.

Anything shared by group participants is absolutely confidential and not to be shared outside the workshop.

I have read the foregoing and take full responsibility for my use of the information provided by Ipsalu Tantra, Inc..  I absolve Ipsalu Tantra, Inc. and the instructors of any liability whatsoever.

Date: _______________________ Signature: ______________________________________

TantraBliss Practicum lessons can be purchased here.

Contact ITI if you want the support of a mentor. If you know a mentor with whom you wish to work with, request that person as your mentor. Email – with the subject “Mentor Requested” or Click here to find a Licensed Ipsalu Teacher to ask to be your mentor.


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