By definition:
Mission Statement is an organization’s reason for existence.
A Vision Statement is an organization’s biggest dreams – what it will look like in 10 years.


Mission Statement

Ipsalu Tantra International (ITI) creates bliss in the lives of people seeking change and profound connection.

We use safe and powerful techniques to transform body and mind.



Vision Statement


  • We have teachers around the world presenting regularly scheduled Courses at all levels. They are facilitators of transformation and community leaders. We celebrate them.
  • Teachers are well prepared, empowered, and confident, ensuring a consistently high standard of course delivery. Teachers feel supported by, and fully involved in the organization.
  • Teachers feel there is balance between compensation and the energy they expend.
  • Teachers embody the work.  They maintain the integrity of Ipsalu principles and practices.


  • ITI draws from ancient, esoteric wisdom and teaches practices that accelerate spiritual growth into a form suitable for practical, everyday use.
  • We present a liberating point of view, summarized in the Ipsalu Paradigm.
  • Our Courses provide the tools people need to transform their lives, transcend their programming and empower personal breakthroughs. The practices teach people how to change base energy to a higher vibration for Kundalini awakening, how to move from reaction to response, from outer direction to inner Wisdom, ultimately to remember their connection to the Divine.
  • We ensure high ethical and legal standards.
  • Of students beginning the Core Courses (Level 1-4) a high percentage stay with the practice to complete the series and gain the amazing benefits.
  • There is a rich and varied offering of Courses anchored by the Core Courses, with courses adapted to meet the needs of diverse groups – various cultures, sexual preferences, physical challenges, etc.


  • Vibrant communities, interconnected spiritual families, span four continents; kindred spirits from diverse populations sharing a common experience and point of view.
  • ITI, through caring communication, provides support for people to form effectively functioning communities.


  • ITI maintains a retreat center for transformational process, where all live in the spirit of Namaste, attracting people from around the world.
  • In addition to hosting Ipsalu events, it is used by other organizations for events with compatible visions.
  • Large enough to constitute a small village, there is short-term housing for those coming to learn and experience and long-term housing for community and staff.
  • The community is “off the grid” with green energy, organic farming and pure water supply. Heated pools and spa services are available together with alternative healing modalities.
  • A world-class multi-lingual library and training center is available for people who want to engage in a deeper study of tantric literature and practices.
  • The organization also oversees an urban community, both centers serving as templates for similar communities across the country and around the world.


In concert with sister organizations, Ipsalu Tantra International is creating an alternative global culture where people:

  • practice Conscious Living with awareness, honor emotions and sexuality, transcend old patterns, and replace fear and repression with compassion and appropriate expression.
  • live in balance with nature, respecting and protecting the environment and all life forms, raising the planet’s vibration.
  • foster vibrant health and longevity by use of energy and good choices of food and activity.
  • engage in life as a spiritual journey, so that all of one’s activities are guided by love for oneself and for others, turning an ego-based culture into a love-based culture.
  • provide a wholesome environment for children to grow up and become healthy, happy adults, living in harmony, setting an example for future generations.
  • embrace their differences by focusing on their commonality
  •  rejoice in the balance of authentic feminine and masculine energies.


  • ITI has a strong presence in the world.  It is well known to the general public as a mature organization, highly regarded for its integrity, and respected as a spiritual tantric path of transformation.
  • There is widespread esteem for, and appreciation of Ipsalu processes, mission and values as efficient, effective and safe agents of change.


  • Marketing campaigns reach millions of people around the world who recognize the name and logo, attracting a steady stream of appropriate new practitioners.
  • Our website and vibrant social network provide information, conversation, connection and knowledge of Ipsalu, attracting interest in Courses and materials.
  • We take advantage of new technologies and platforms as they emerge, offering an expanding library of digital materials.


  • ITI is a prosperous organization, able to easily fulfill its mission. Our financial position is solid and robust.
  • Donations, courses and sales of ITI merchandise fund all operating expenses and expansion costs.
  • ITI Foundation is accumulating assets and bequests with a view to make the organization self-sustaining and fund other worthy endeavors.
  • ITI funds various scholarship and community programs, creating connections and opportunities.
  • Special projects are funded by major donors.
  • ITI has a full staff of employees who are well compensated.  Officers and staff are reimbursed for their travel and accommodations for annual meetings.
  • Creators of various courses are well compensated for use of their intellectual property.



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