Nayano ~ Teaches Internationally – based in Florida

Certified to teach Levels 1-4 and Modules 1-3 Teacher Training
And the practice did help me heal and transform my life. I’m still in the healing process. Evolution takes patience. 🙂

After a year of practice, I felt the strong inner call to share this path with those who are willing and ready to receive, so I enrolled in Bodhi’s teacher training and the rest is pure magic.

I now teach these Courses in several different countries including Mexico, Colombia and France. More destinations are opening up throughout the world. It is an exciting time, as more of humanity is prepared to take on this practice of self-mastery and awakening. I sense that Babaji is the force behind the current momentum.

In addition to teaching the Cobra Courses, I’ve also created many of my own healing workshops which support one’s process of clearing emotional debris and opening to the magnificent truth of their unique authentic nature.

In March 2004 I traveled to the Osho Rajneesh commune in Pune, India to study and take sannyas: a promise one makes to themselves to stay on the path of enlightenment and to make meditation a part of daily life.
At the ceremony I was given my sannyasin name, Antar Nayano which means “Inner Eye.”
I returned to India December 2009 to go deeper into my own healing process and become more clear about my teaching path. I feel intensely that my purpose as a teacher is to support others in becoming more alive, awake and to be living their truth and purpose.

It is an honor to be part of this lineage. I believe in this practice and feel deep gratitude for having found this path and to be sharing it with humanity. I am truly blessed.



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