Lessons 7-12 *Priced for Couples


Lessons 7-12 of the Practicum. Prerequisite: purchase of Lessons 1-6.

Practicum Contents:

Lesson 7, Emotional Flow begins the process of clearing old repressed feelings
Lesson 8, Mysteries of the Heart begins to open you to new connections
Lesson 9, Polarity brings your inner male and female energies into harmony
Lesson 10, Nurturing the Body focuses on strengthening your physical temple
Lesson 11, Relationship expands and deepens your connections with people
Lesson 12, Being Orgasmic leads you to an ongoing state of orgasmic bliss

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*By selecting this option, you can purchase practicum lessons 7-12 for you and a partner at a discounted rate of $180 for both.

This web-based Home Study course (in PDF format) guides you into a powerful daily practice of Ipsalu Tantra, using two primary Ipsalu Tantra texts. Created for private study, or for use in a study/practice group. The Practicum is also a great tool for study with an Ipsalu Mentor.

The TantraBliss Practicum is provided to help you incorporate into your daily life the principles and practices offered in Jewel in the Lotus and The Ipsalu Formula. Both texts are highly condensed and can appear over-whelming. In 6 monthly lessons the Practicum presents a step-by-step process that guides you to a lifetime of TantraBliss.

The Practicum replaces a lengthy Correspondence Course, most of which was incorporated into The Ipsalu Formula. This course is less informational, more experiential. It offers an opportunity for personal mentoring and support.
Each lesson includes:
* A reading assignment of manageable length
* A writing assignment inviting you to clarify your thoughts and feelings about the ideas presented and to share them with a friend
* A daily practice, exploring powerful tantric techniques appropriate to that lesson
* Technical insights, deeper understanding of how the energy works
* Energy experiments with application to daily life
* Suggestions to enhance your sexual experience, energy and awareness
* Lifestyle suggestions to support your process (diet, etc.)
You will learn how to use The Ipsalu Formula in all aspects of your life:
* In your meditation
* Before a stressful meeting or personal encounter
* In group or community situations such as waiting in line or going to church or
* As an integral part of your lovemaking
You are encouraged to:
* Experiment
* Observe what happens in all dimensions of your life
* Journal your observations

You may choose to explore this Practicum alone. There is a powerful advantage to doing it in the company of others. Perhaps your partner, a friend or friends.
We invite you, through ITI, to enlist the services of an Ipsalu Mentor, someone knowledgeable, trained and experienced in the method. You can e-mail ITI at info@ipsalutantra.org with the e-mail subject “Mentor Requested” and your location. Your mentor can work with you individually or with your friend or group. Many possibilities are available. You will find what is appropriate for you, what will best support you in this exciting challenge of learning to live each moment in TantraBliss.


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