The Ipsalu Formula, A Method for Tantra Bliss


The Ipsalu Formula – A Method for Tantra Bliss

This book, companion to Jewel in the Lotus, offers an advanced course in spiritual awareness and a guide to living in bliss.

Almost from the moment we are born, we become distracted from our wholeness, our oneness with all things, our bliss. The Ipsalu Formula presents a practical substantial approach for moving past the distractions into a living, breathing, joyful experience of who we really are.

Created from ancient spiritual principles, practices from several traditions, contemporary wisdom, deep psychological insights, plus modern scientific research into heightened awareness and the mechanics of consciousness. The Ipsalu Formula works reliably for everyone who practices it.

Building on the foundation established in Jewel in the Lotus, The Ipsalu Formula reveals new understandings gained from assisting thousands of people through their tantric awakening and growth. The Formula is simple and practical; what it produces is profound.

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