An Interview with Bodhi Avinasha

Kundalini is consciousness. Kundalini energy is the highest vibration the physical body is capable of holding. We work with powerful methods that are designed to activate this energy and it does awaken. I’m surrounded by people who are running their kundalini — it’s wonderful.
If you haven’t cleared your emotions before opening up that energy, it can be devastating physically and mentally, so I feel a real responsibility to people in uncovering their buried issues and bringing them into the light, so the subconscious disappears into the conscious. The repressed becomes integrated. That needs to be happen before Kundalini awakens.
The first step is opening the third eye, the intuitive vision. For that we use a technique called the Cosmic Cobra Breath. This is the basis for the work we do. The technique is used to move orgasmic energy up into the higher chakras in the brain, particularly the third eye, so that you become a very clear witness. Your vision of who you are expands dramatically and then you are able to go back and revisit old issues without getting swamped by them, without the emotional energy carrying you away. It’s very efficient and safe. The energies can open quickly because people have been properly prepared. There are a number of irresponsible ways to access that same energy but the results are less than ideal.
We do access Tibetan tradition for some of our methods, but they have quite a different orientation. They use different channels in the body. I’m not an expert on Tibetan tantra. What I know is only hearsay, but my sense is that they’re very committed to finding the void; to leaving the body; to conscious dying; how to get off of the wheel of life and death.
In the tantra we know we are very committed to being in the body, being present and finding the ultimate experience as a physical being. As long as you’re mortal, why not savor the joys it has to offer? We can go into the void later.
And suffering has been worshipped, whereas pleasure has been totally denigrated. I think that’s about control. If you convince people that their basic instincts are evil, then you’ve got them. We’ve been given these magnificent instruments, our bodies, and told not to play them. Once you truly tap into your sexual energy, you are in your divinity. The need for the various offerings of the church as an intermediary between you and God isn’t there anymore. So it’s a matter of the church’s survival. I think the teachings were meant to keep people subjugated to domination by the church.
We needed that structure for a while, but I’d like to think that some of us have outgrown the need for external control. We’re ready now for people to connect directly with their divine essence. It happens so quickly, it’s just amazing. It’s been unbelievable to watch over the past thirty years, the information that’s become available in that short time span. Books like mine were unavailable in 1970. We’re blessed to be here at a time when consciousness is shifting.
It was intended to be so. There are a lot of tantra books that are abstract, that give you some good ideas but don’t tell you what to do. I am absolutely about giving people the step-by-step, and if they go through this sequence, it works magically. If you take them out of sequence, they won’t work as well. It’s taken me a long time to figure these things out.
It’s time for this information to come out, and it is coming. What a toy store of a lifetime. There are many ways to play. It all becomes a wonderful game. When you get to the point where you really know who you are, the whole life drama is just a game, like a big computer game, and you play and enjoy every minute, but remembering that it’s just a game.
They start to feel their own bodies’ energies, the subtle energies. The first evening, they are taken through the Ipsalu Formula, which activates those energies to tap into the subtle body. Once you’ve done that, then you can easily access the next level. Stilling the mind is the next step. The third part is, within that stillness, activating the sexual energy. If you just get turned on without the stillness, then it’s just another sex ride. It doesn’t really take you anywhere. But if you have quieted the mind, then consciousness is present, which it hasn’t been for most people. Their sex life is outside of consciousness because there’s so much guilt involved. Guilt and consciousness cannot co-exist in the same body/mind at the same time.

Our couple will have gone through the Formula find themselves in a place where their hearts are open, they’re feeling balanced in their bodies, and grounded. For some people that is a new experience because they live in their minds and have very little experience being in their body. They may come down to make love once in a while and then quickly leave as soon as that’s accomplished.

So they meet each other in this new space and it’s sweet. There’s an innocence that comes in that’s quite lovely. So while they’re told a few things they can do to make their sexual life work better, that’s not really the main focus. It’s more about finding that balanced, blissful space where consciousness expands and you get to see the truth, instead of your own illusions about what’s going on.

Then you consciously use certain muscle contractions and body movements to generate sexual energy. It is not about another person. It’s your own energy. Then that energy is transmuted up into the higher consciousness. Shakti energy, the orgasmic, feminine earth energy, comes up to meet Shiva, the masculine consciousness, and you’re in a divine space.

You can direct energy with the breath, intention, visualization, and Yogic techniques -contractions and mudras that divert energy streams. The whole science of yoga is employed here, though not in a way that most yogis are using it. It’s very simple and it’s something people learn the first weekend.
Our system has a “have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too” quality. Men find that they can go into full orgasm without ejaculation, and find themselves already in that amazing and profound orgasmic experience; in that way they get a full body orgasm rather than a very localized genital experience. Many just lose interest in ejaculation. It seems anti-climatic. But if you want to do it, once you’ve drawn the energy out, then you can release and you haven’t lost any energy.
The energy either moves up the spine or it moves down the penis – one of the two, you have a choice. If you choose to release the energy with emission, then that is your experience and it’s very limited. If you choose to draw the energy up the spine, then it impacts higher consciousness centers and you have a very expansive experience. But you can have it either way.
No, only the energy; it’s called Ojas in the tradition. This needs to be made clear. There are traditions that simply say you’re not supposed to ejaculate, and that really hinders people’s sexual activity. But once the energy is withdrawn then it doesn’t matter. You’re recycling the energy, you’re not losing it. Otherwise, as every man knows, once you’ve blown it out, your energy is depleted for a while. You’ve definitely lost something in the process and it takes a while to get it back. That’s not necessary.
For yogic meditators, yes. But there are a lot of people trying to do tantra without stilling the mind first. They go straight to the arousal. You can’t get to an ecstatic state from sexuality unless you’ve got the stillness. The mind has to get out of the way for consciousness to work.
That’s another way of saying the same thing – being fully present in the moment. You tap into your infinite wisdom, you know exactly where to go, moved by your inner guidance. The mind is a useful tool, but sometimes you‘ll want to get past it.
It is discovery of a larger self. The ego, the part of you that is made up, a series of beliefs that you constructed and decisions you made, has no reality beyond what we give it, but that’s who we think that we are. Your authentic, divine eternal self is a very sweet discovery once you find it. It’s like coming back home. Most people know at a deep level that they are not connected to their real selves and that’s why there’s so much misery in the world. We long for that connection.


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