De-Armoring Intensive ~ Bliss of Surrender

A deep exploration and opening of the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as well as calming the effects of trauma in the nervous system and brain. Discover your inner resistance and blocks to self-care and relaxation, finding ways to bring a greater sense of self-love into your life and being. This workshop is open to Ipsalu Cobra graduates of all levels.


Between Levels ~ Bliss Booster Retreat

Open to Cobra graduates of all levels: Love, Meditate and Celebrate!  For those wanting to reconnect with the special energy of our Ipsalu community gatherings, for daily practice, Cobra Breath reviews, sharing circles, emotional processing & exploration and of course, lots of fun. 



Power of Voice

Teacher: Joni Watling, BS, MOT, OTR/L and Ipsalu Tantra Teacher

Your voice quality is unique, an energy that distinguishes you. It’s the result of how you use resonance chambers in your body to create overtones. This reflects the sound of your parents’ voices, the power, tensions and disconnects present in other bodies that you have adopted.

In this retreat you learn to open your voice past these limitations to find the sound of your soul. You can use vibration to create a standing wave in your body; a sound column that connects and supports all the energy centers and opens the flow of highest vibration – Kundalini.

Find the freedom to speak your truth. Sharing your song with others in a common vibration melts the boundaries that hold you separate from others. In this intimate union of sound you can embody celebration, the feeling of divine presence and profound gratitude. As vibrations merge, hearts join in deep communion. Consciousness shifts into remembering your magnificence in union with everyone, everything.

Bodhi on Power of Voice: The first thirty years of my life I was totally involved with music — studying, performing and teaching. The next thirty years I spent with psychology and yogic practice. But it began to dawn on me that what I was doing to accomplish the yogic goals were the same things that my singing teachers told me to do to get a good tone. It’s another pathway to access the same state of consciousness. People who don’t want to jump in at the sexual level but love to sing find that it takes them to a similar orgasmic place. Singing with a group, you lose your boundaries, where your voice disappears into the sound of the choir. It’s orgasmic – the same losing of separateness and isolation. It’s a very sweet moment, a totally yogic experience. I use many of the same tools in the Power of Voice weekend as I do in the Cobra Breath Courses.

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Ipsalu Energy Yoga
Energize and Balance your Entire Being

Ipsalu Energy Yoga is a new one-hour class experience based on traditional Kriya Yoga and supplemented with movement, meditations and other techniques. The unique Ipsalu formula activates and balances your chakras and infuses all of the cells in the body with healing energy. The result is a blissful state of well-being.

Ipsalu Energy Yoga is a holistic practice that supports the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies and helps you to experience:

  • Improved health and overall energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased inner-peace
  • Increased feelings of joy
  • Full-presence in the moment
  • Overall renewed attitude about the self and life

Because of the gentle nature of Ipsalu Energy Yoga, most everyone at any level of practice or physical ability can benefit. The Teachers are fully certified by Ipsalu Tantra International Teacher Trainings are offered periodically.

This class is becoming available in more and more yoga studios and Fitness Centers. It can also be the basis for an evening gathering. One Teacher wrote of her recent experience:

“A plug for Energy Yoga! My husband and I had a glorious day for our Fall Family Energy Yoga Class. We held the class outside, had a potluck supper inside and back out for drumming around the fire. I am sharing this for many reasons. Energy Yoga has revitalized our community!

We had a baker’s dozen ranging in age from 7 to 65. Just one had Cobra Breath and one other is going to the next Level 1. We are attracting people who would NEVER come to a Tantra Yoga class and they LOVE it. Gratitude for the formula and ALL its forms. I included Osho’s Kundalini Meditation and it was wonderful. Here are some of the responses:

“Thank you for reminding me that Fall Equinox is all about BALANCE. And more importantly, thanks for helping me find a little balance yesterday”.

“I always come away from your place with a new morsel to enhance my life. Last night it was “choice”. I am at choice. Everyone I meet is at choice. Delightful respect.”
“Your place is like a retreat. Can we pitch tents and stay over until the next class?”

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Esoteric Physiology and Anatomy

This Course focuses on understanding the magnificent healer we have within and how to interpret its messages, requests and demands. As we draw our awareness inside and listen to our body’s subtle and sometimes not so subtle cues, the connection between mind and body, outer and inner is strengthened. This leads to a love affair between our conscious mind and the subconscious wisdom of the body. As our intellect understands and trusts the body’s wisdom, rather than reacting with fear,”OH something is wrong!”. We make choices that are informed by our inner messages and we increase our well being! Knowing your body and how subtle energies run through it is a great step toward your abundant health.

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