Teacher Training – Bliss in Service

Expand your Ipsalu practice into all aspects of your living. Explore this series of modules designed to prepare you to share Ipsalu Tantra™ with confidence and integrity.

* Module 1 (Certified Apprentice Teacher) prepares you to: facilitate techniques in Level 1 courses, create and present Ipsalu evening classes, lead community Satsang, review Cobra Breath with an initiate, mentor Ipsalu Practicum lessons 1-3, and lead Ipsalu Energy Yoga

*Module 2 (Certified Assistant Teacher) prepares you to: facilitate processes in Level 1 courses, present Ipsalu day-long or weekend courses, conduct emotional-release processes, and teach Cobra Breath within the Practicum

*Module 3 is an individual mentoring path with a Senior Teacher as preparation for leading the Level 1 Cobra Breath workshop “Learning to Live in Bliss.”  After preparation, the Mod 3 teacher must organize and present their own Level 1 Cobra Breath workshop while being observed by their mentor. When proficiency to lead the Level 1 course has been demonstrated, the Mod 3 grad receives certification as a teacher of the Level 1 Cobra Breath workshop.

Completion of Ipsalu Level 1 – Level 3 Cobra Breath Courses are required prior to Module 1 Teacher Training (or completion of Level 2 Course within one year of Module 1 Teacher Training). Module 1 Teacher Training is required prior to Module 2 Teacher Training. Teacher Training is a week-long intensive.


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