Bill Linaker

Certified to Teach Level 1 Cobra Breath Workshop


At the turn of the millennium, Bill had an experience of Gnosis, a Kundalini rising. Then, in the early years of the millennium he began practicing Tantra with various groups. More recently, Bill realized that he’d already been practicing Tantra for at least 10 years prior to the awakening. In 2010 he decided to attend a Level 1 Ipsalu Tantra course. Bill was so inspired he did the Module 1 teacher training 3 weeks later. That was a revelation to me. Since then he has done the Level 2, the Module 2 training, the Level 3 and Module 3 training. When studying the core books of the Ipsalu practice; Jewel in the Lotus and The Ipsalu Formula – A Method for TantraBliss, He became aware that prior to his awakening he’d been on the Path of Will. Since then he has begun to embrace the Path of Surrender. His is humbled to be part of such an inspired charitable organization helping to transform thousands of lives into joyous living and spiritual freedom.

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