“The course is the most joyous, ecstatic miracle I’ve ever experienced. Now I know what it is to be truly alive as a soul, to love unconditionally. Please, those of you who are still hesitating, come and open the door of your heart to this beautiful practice.”

“Simply magnificent. The honoring of our divinity in this human experience during this course goes far beyond the volumes of books that speak about it, or hours of discourse. It goes right to the heart of who we are — and what I’ve received is my Heart.”

“I have learned through Tantra that love is so much greater than my fear, anger, sadness, etc. Love is all we need and want since conception. I have confronted my darkness and discovered its secrets, and I survived. I feel that the true soul of me can now come out.”

“The question was asked ‘Is Ipsalu sex oriented or a personal transformation path?’
If Ipsalu had been presented to me as a way to enhance my sex life, I would not have attended. Given where I was before my first Level 1, this is what I wanted to know:.
Tell me it is a safe pathway to heal my sexual abuses.
Tell me I will be in a place that invites healing.
Tell me it is possible to be intimate without sexual “goals”
Tell me I am worthy of gentle loving touch.
Tell me sexual energy is powerful life force energy that will be gently and masterfully explored.
Tell me my child innocence is still within me and will be invited to surface.
Tell me you are going to teach me a gazillion tools to help heal myself.
Tell me tantra bliss is heaven on earth
Be gentle with me, I am wounded and am looking for answers,
not yet understanding it is all within me.
– Diane, IN

And Diane found all that in her Ipsalu journey. She is now preparing to teach Level 1 Courses.


“I felt nervous being without a partner. But the intensive was largely about dealing with my own inner growth. I feel blessed to have this time just for ME — to go within, nurture and love myself. I moved through a tremendous amount of limitations.”

“My deeply rooted traumas have been eradicated. I learned very powerful tools that will help me with life’s challenges.”

“The integration of techniques — the flow of one into the next — is simply masterful. I felt completely taken by the hand of God, gently guided to my darkest places and carried into the light”

“This was the most amazing energy work that I have ever participated in…truly spectacular. My life is permanently altered for the highest good.

“I have really learned to own my strength, to be in love with all, and to come into a deep level of equanimity.”

“The efficiency and effectiveness of the program is amazing if one commits to the work. This journey is one of love and freedom and has the power to change lives and the world profoundly through healing and becoming our true selves. It’s a path of sacredness and playfulness, of honoring the expression of God Spirit through the Earth Walk. It’s so open and inclusive, so allowing and unconditional, as our Source is.”

“The Tantric experience is a safe fun, exciting way to love and be loved and to experience the simple glory of existence.”

From an Ipsalu Tantra Student: Why Ipsalu Tantra?
It would not be a stretch to say that Ipsalu Tantra is profoundly life-altering, and that the lessons we learned on our Ipsalu Tantra journey were so deep, that they have continued to echo in our lives, whether or not we continued to practice Ipsalu Tantra. So what guided us to find Ipsalu Tantra in the first place?

Many of us stumbled upon Ipsalu Tantra. Is it because we heard about the sexual aspects of Tantra and were curious? Is it because we wanted to make a change within ourselves and within our lives and were guided to Ipsalu Tantra for that purpose? Is it because our souls guided us to a means of spiritual fulfillment that we were unable to achieve through other paths? Is it because we sought a mystical life? Or because we instinctively knew it was a path that honored both the feminine and the masculine? How about that Tantra is an ancient practice with a lineage of mystical masters/adepts?

Once we discovered Ipsalu Tantra, could we ever go back? Once our minds and bodies were opened, and our energies rose to new heights, and our abilities to feel and connect increased, is there any going back to the old ways? Once a secret is discovered, life is changed forever. With the guidance of my Ipsalu teacher’s loving wisdom, I expanded as a spiritual and human being. I evolved.


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