Search for Community

By Bodhi

I was raised in a tight-knit church community, but found their beliefs untenable, and had to pull away. I deeply missed connection to community and began to search through a wide range of other possibilities. There are so many paths, each with its own unique frequency.

The Kriya Yoga tradition spoke powerfully to me, as did the Osho work, but I didn’t feel at home in either community. I realized the very mental Kriya work had powerful techniques, but no heart or sex or emotion , and the Osho work was heart based, sex positive and sensitive to emotions, but didn’t have the science Kriya offers. Putting these together allowed me to set up a different frequency, one that finally felt comfortable to me.

The people who resonate to that frequency, who feel like they have found in Ipsalu a spiritual family, continue to amaze me. It seems some of the brightest souls I have ever known are feeling an alignment with the energy this work produces.

This is an experiment to see if a community can come together and sustain itself without being in the shadow of a powerful and charismatic leader. There are people who look outward to find love, validation, guidance. People of that nature, or that place in their development, need the external support. And there are people who find within their own being a sense of who they are, what they are capable of, and what they have come here to do. It can be a lonely place. Those people enjoy finding each other.

Helping someone discover how to switch from outer dependence to inner freedom is the greatest service one can give, truly satisfying to the soul. That is what motivates those remarkable people who have become teachers in Ipsalu.

We now have strong communities in a number of U.S cities. There is a flurry of activity in Europe, Mexico, Central and South America. It only takes one strong person to be the hub and others begin to show up. I am beginning to see the fulfillment of that dream born so many years ago of communities of like-minded beings throughout the world.

Ipsalu Tantra Community

By: Meloney Hudson

Physical temples are wonderful places to unite as a spiritual community, however, they aren’t necessary. A gathering of people, with a common intention to connect with spirit, becomes a virtual temple. In Cobra Breath practice groups, individuals unite to generate high-frequency energy that uplifts and heals those individuals and others.

When groups practice around the world, the vibration penetrates the global energetic field, much as the merging of the light of several candles, which can illuminate even the darkest of spaces. As practitioners of Ipsalu Tantra and the Cobra Breath, each of us is a light, with the energy to positively enhance the world.


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