The Ipsalu Host Program

When you tell your friends about Ipsalu Tantra, do they want to learn more? Do they notice a change in you and ask what you are doing? Do you wish there was an Ipsalu Teacher in your area to offer events? Do you feel the urge to start a study group in your community, but don’t know where to begin?

If so, we invite you to become an Ipsalu Host.

Ipsalu Tantra International’s Host Program makes it easy for anyone who has done an Ipsalu Level 1 Course to offer Ipsalu study groups, open to anyone, and satsangs, practice groups for Cobra Breath practitioners. You can hold these events without Teacher Training or Certification.

Exploring the Ipsalu path in the supportive company of like-minded friends develops a lovely bond among people who share this practice. A sense of family and a spiritual community. Many such groups are developing all over the country and in many other countries – a network of very special connections.

We will provide guidance in gathering a group of interested folks (singles and couples) and presenting an evening of conversation, exploration and easy techniques. You will be provided with materials, information and support needed to create and facilitate groups, including class agendas, presentation tips, CDs and DVDs, and marketing direction. The concepts suggested for discussion offer possibilities for stimulating interaction. The suggested techniques are easy to present, and yet powerful enough to give participants a true Ipsalu experience.

In these study groups, people can come to appreciate the power and potential benefits of the Ipsalu work. They can build trust, confidence to move deeper into the Cobra Breath courses. The support of community when one is going through this process is invaluable in maintaining the consistent practice necessary to achieve transformational results.

The Host Program is designed to support you as you are without additional training. That is one option. Many of our Hosts plan to go on to Ipsalu Teacher Training to get more in-depth understanding of the techniques and processes and enhance their presentation skills. If you choose that option, the Training begins when you sign on, in preparation for the next Teacher Training Module 1. Graduates of the Teacher Training report a dramatic enhancement in their ability to create the magic where transformation happens.

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