The way tantra works is to keep the body and mind active, so it wants to be silent and quiet for a while. Then you sneak in a meditation!

The Ipsalu “Formula” gives me an outline for practice–one that I can vary, so there is opportunity for creativity and spontaneity.

The formula is “ASATE”, which means “continuous, uninterrupted sequence”:
A – Activate the Body
S – Still the Mind
A – Arouse (sexual/internal energy)
T – Transmute (raise it up the spine)
E – Enjoy (feel the bliss!)

It’s a happy way to meditate. I end every meditation with a smile on my face, and joy in my heart.

The woman who discovered the formula, Bodhi Avinasha, after years of teaching various processes in various sequences, noticed that one sequence was particularly effective.

Sunyata Saraswati was Bodhi’s teaching partner, bringing the science of Kriya Yoga with the goal of personal liberation/spiritual enlightenment

Bodhi realized its potential for healing the inner child, and added release techniques to the practice, an important step in preparing for the high power energy.
This combination lets you go deep, experience the emotions locked in your body, and “witness” them with full consciousness, so they dissipate.

(I’ve been to two seminars, and have assisted at a couple. Every time, I see people reaching a central core of locked up emotion that took me 12 years to reach in my martial arts practice!)

To my mind, Ipsalu helps to get to the deeply embedded lack of self-worth and sense of shame that is prevalent in Western society, due to our upbringing. That “cleaning” clears the way for true devotion and commitment to enlightenment. (It also gets you there, in very real ways, lets you experience it, and know that it is possible. That’s where the seminars come in. They’re like a quantum leap. You slowly recede from that exalted experience, which motivates you to the practice, even more!)

On a personal note, I’m finding that I feel more whole. I’m frequently connected with the love of the universe. I have more inner strength and confidence. I have more energy. I’m more creative. I am better able to love others, and see the divinity in them, as well as experience it in myself. In short, it’s a blessing!

Ipsalu also differs from other Tantra practices in the “formulaic” nature of its approach. In traditional Tantra, every individual is different, so processes are custom-tailored to that individual. That makes the guru/student relationship vital. It’s the guru’s knowledge of the student(s) that guides their actions, in addition to their connection with the Divine.

The Ipsalu courses are carefully scripted, so that each student gets pretty much the same process, no matter who delivers the course, and yet each has their own unique experience, depending on what they are ready to absorb. Ipsalu students around the world share a common background that makes it easier to relate to one another.

Eric Armstrong

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