Love is the magnetic connection between opposites, the glue that hold all this together: positive to negative, light to dark, outer to inner, sky to earth, sperm to egg.

According to the Tantric story of creation all of existence comes from the Love of Shakti, the divine feminine energy of matter and Shiva, the divine masculine energy of spirit. As the story goes their loving created all there is. Life is the divine dance of opposites weaving existence together by the power of Love.

The union of opposites exists within us as well. Our heart energy center, is represented by the symbol of a 6 pointed star. In this symbol the downward triangle is Shiva, formless spirit energy manifesting into form. The upward triangle is Shakti, formed matter transforming into spirit. When we honor both aspects of ourselves the 6 pointed star at the heart is balanced. Increased compassion is the gift of a balanced heart energy center. It is when our Spirit, Formlessness, returns to Form, and our Form receives Spirit and transforms Form back to Spirit that creates the circle of life, The Taoist Yin-Yang circle.

Tantra Yoga is the practice of embracing all aspects of one’s self and life. This means exploring my own light and shadow, my expansive and contracted aspects, the happy and sad, outer and inner aspects of myself, and witnessing the inner energetic struggle that can exist between the polarities within me. As I practice to remain non-judgmental and just witness what is, my inner conflicts ease. This non-judgmental witness state is the quality of the 3rd eye energy center. In this state I experience a deep sense of peace and well being.

In Tantra Yoga the outer is a reflection of our inner world, as I heal the discord within myself my perception of the outer world shifts. Tantra techniques can also be practiced in our relationships and used to manifesting our heart’s desire.

As I begin a Network adjustment I ask each person to become aware of their breath, letting their active mind follow each inhale and each exhale. Focusing on one thing quiets the mind and allows them to experience their witness, the space between thoughts where one feels and observes what is, in this moment. This is the masculine aspect of pure consciousness. With the mind quiet the body can shift over to the Parasympathetic half of the Subconscious Autonomic Nervous system. This is the feminine aspect, the inner wisdom of the body, the part of us that heals, repairs, and rejuvenates all the tissues and cells of the body. When consciousness can witness the ways the wisdom of the body is able to become aware of old trauma and tension patterns that have been held in the body and let go of holding those patterns  subconscious healing is brought to consciousness and the results are more profound and lasting. Our Masculine and Feminine aspects are working in partnership, supporting and enhancing eachother…..the power of love.

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  • Jose  December 17, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    Space, hope to see you again soon. I have truly enjoyed your blog in the past year. It’s good to take a break when you need to. I am still in Hong Kong. Things have been pertty crazy. There were moments when I thought I could live in HK, but soon realize how unrealistic it is. I will be back to California soon. Take good care of yourself.


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