Many think of Tantra as a way to enhance their sexuality. While that is an amazing benefit of practicing Tantra, that’s only part of the picture.

Ipsalu Tantra isn’t just a practice. It is method of spiritual advancement as derived from a sophisticated lineage of yogic masters of the ancient world. These methods enable us to cultivate the energy of our bodies (physical, energetic), mind and soul, so we can blossom into our authentic natures. By doing so, we can more joyfully and skillfully engage in our contemporary world. By recognizing our power within the quantum field of love and light, and the influences we can have within it, we can master positive change in our own lives and of the world.

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga is a unique approach within the variety of Tantric paths, a system for safely activating your cosmic consciousness—Kundalini. “Ipsalu” means “going beyond desires.” The ego mind believes having its desires fulfilled will bring happiness but that is seldom true. The Soul lives in bliss. By identifying more and more with your divine nature, you release your desires and discover who you truly are.


What Will I Gain?

As you progress in the practice of Ipsalu Tantra, you will grow in many ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The practice will help you become:

  • More sensitive and intuitive
  • More creative and authentic
  • More loving and compassionate
  • More joyful and connected

You will reclaim your hidden magnificence, your Inner Truth. You will discover Divinity in your Humanness. You will expand your capabilities and possibilities, discovering parts of yourself that had been paralyzed by limiting unconscious beliefs. You will become free from bondage to your past and your programming. And you will learn to be comfortable with yourself and others. Your intimate relationships will enter a dimension you could not have imagined.

And these benefits last for a lifetime.

There is much more. See the Course Descriptions to learn what benefits each Course provides.

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The Ipsalu Paradigm

The Ipsalu Paradigm is a way of looking at life, a way of being in the world, an invitation to explore. It is based on experience rather than beliefs or borrowed knowledge. It doesn’t claim to be absolute truth, since understanding keeps expanding. If you choose to live from this perspective, you will transform your life.
If you resonate with these twelve perspectives, you will feel at home in Ipsalu.

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The Ipsalu Formula

There is a method, unique to Ipsalu Tantra, for attuning to Bliss. It is a formula that works in all circumstances, if you are willing to relax into it. It quickly brings groups of strangers into a loving blissful connection, as well as couples, especially when they combine the practice with their lovemaking. It brings an individual into Bliss at any time, in any place.
Initially it may take an hour or more of techniques to feel blissful. With a few months of regular practice you can reach Bliss in a few moments. “The Ipsalu Formula: A Method for TantraBliss” clarifies why and how the formula works. These are simple but powerful techniques, taken from several spiritual traditions. They quickly open the body/mind to its highest potential.

Here is the essence of the formula to make the core of your daily practice. This is the sequence that creates the magic: It can be summed up as the acronym ASATE, which stands for:

  • First: Activate energies in the body.
  • Second: Still the mind.
  • Third: Arouse sexual energy.
  • Fourth: Transmute passion.
  • Fifth: Enjoy the TantraBliss.

There are many methods of arousing sexual energy without sexual activity, including breathing practices, bandhas (body locks) or movement. Ipsalu Tantra will teach you how to use this force for spiritual advancement.

The Power of Cobra Breath in Raising Kundalini

Cosmic Cobra Breath has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years — and it is the centerpiece of the science of Kriya Yoga. This ancient breath technique was long held secret because of its great power. It prepares the body and the mind for the safe, controlled movement of Kundalini.

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The Practice

The Practice taught to Ipsalu students includes some of the most powerful techniques in the world, drawn from several tantric traditions: yogic, Taoist, Tibetan, Osho. With consistent practice, they can expand your awareness into profoundly blissful states.

Ipsalu Tantra offers a safe, comprehensive, and step-by-step path to learn this ancient practice. You don’t need a partner to embark on this journey. In fact, most of the work that you will do will be individual work. Ipsalu is a daily practice for many of us. If you’re wondering “How will I make time?” you are not alone. Many of us started doing the practice a couple times a week, and as we saw the benefits, we made time for it each day.

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The Process

The Process of evolving in consciousness moves step-by-step, opening energy channels and chakras in a sequence that is safe, efficient and highly effective. A series of carefully designed courses guide you on your journey of discovery.

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